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Moyes Delta Gliders is based in Sydney, Australia. They have been making world-class hang gliders for over 40 years.

I fly a Litespeed RX 4 currently, and friends have been very happy with the Gecko as a fun sporty glider, as well as the Matrix single point harness.

Official Dealer

Wills Wing has been making gliders since 1973 in southern CA and moved to Mexico in 2022 to re-establish themselves next to the popular Valle de Bravo flying site.

I have owned 11 Wills Wing gliders over the years, from Falcons to Sports to T2Cs and a few ancient gliders, and I’ve flown dozens more. They have been the most popular brand around the bay area.

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Current as of 6/4/2023

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For items imported from Wills Wing Mexico or Moyes Australia, prices reflect average import costs when applicable.


WW40G‑1477BLitestream 62″ BlackSport3 135, Sport2 135, Falcon3 170 attack, Falcon4 170 attack3$126
WW40G-1471BLitestream 68″ BlackSport3 155, Sport2 155, Sport3 170, U2 145, T2 1442$145
WW40G-1459BSlipstream2 65″ BlackT3 144, T2C 1443$145
WW40G‑1446BSlipstream2 68″ BlackT3 154, T2C 1542$126
WW40G‑1215round 61.2″Falcon4 145, Falcon3 145, Alpha 1801$75
WW40G‑1225round 63.2″Falcon4 170, Falcon3 1702$75
WW40G‑1236round 66.2″Falcon4 195, Falcon3 1951$86
MoyesUPR ZOO RZoom downtube rightAll modern Moyes “zoom” control frames1$125
add 9.375% sales tax


WW40P-3105bottom side wires uncoated, setSport 3 1551$148
WW40P-3105bottom side wires coated, setFalcon 4/3 1701$148
WW40P-3105bottom side wires uncoated, setT3/T2C/T2 1441$148
WW40P‑3203bottom nose wires uncoated, setT3/T2C/T2 1441$104
WW40R-7601tip wand 34.4″all current models1$164
WW40R‑7601tip wand 32.7″older models1$164
WWbatten chart 2005T2 1541$15
add 9.375% sales tax

Used Items for Sale

Current as of 6/4/2023

foam boot for Rotor Vulto hang gliding harness for sale
Rotor Vulto harness inner boot, foam with zippered cover – $30

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