Hang Gliders for Sale

JUNE ONLY – 10% off a new glider, or 15% off a new sail!

Moyes hang gliders for sale
Official Dealer
Moyes hang glider color picker tool

Design your new Moyes glider with the color picker at moyes.com.au.

Contact me to discuss options:

  • Glider sizing
  • Sailcloth
  • Carbon upgrades

Inventory gliders I can get shipped to CA in a few days, and at a $200 discount:
Malibus in stock
Geckos in stock
(see the gliders that list Florida as the location)

modelbase pricesail only*
Litespeed RX$10,877$5,257

* Replacing a worn-out sail can be an economical option. A Litespeed S or RS can also be upgraded to an RX! Sail swap service available.

Moyes hang glider color swatches

See my Moyes color samples book to get a better look at the colors and materials.

Wills Wing hang gliders for sale
Official Dealer

Design your new Wills Wing glider colors at willswing.com.mx. Shown at right is the “Monarch” sail pattern option for the Sport 3.

Contact me to discuss options such as sailcloth, sizing, and raked tips.

Also see the ready-to-ship inventory gliders in Mexico that I can get for you at a $200 discount.

Wills Wing hang glider online color picker and options tool
modelbase pricesail only*
Falcon 4$5,000$2,600
Sport 3$6,900$3,565
Falcon 3$2,450
Sport 2$3,375

* Replacing a worn-out sail is a cost-effective option and is available for all current and recent models listed. Sail swap service available.

I receive all gliders in Pacifica to reassemble from short pack and give them a test flight at Funston.

For spare parts, see the parts and equipment page.

Contact – Glider Order

or call David Kiesling 510-754-6842